A Stair Chair Lift For Grandma

Obviously if you are reading this you have a pretty good idea what a stair chair lift is. So for the sake of brevity I will give you a brief description. A stair chair is an electronically or battery operated mechanical lift system that is attached to a set of steps. It provides access to an upper level of a home using a track system that is attached to the outside walls of the steps or to the steps themselves. A chair specifically designed to fit in the track will glide up the track and allow anyone with limited mobility the freedom to access each level of the home.

There are also stair chair systems that are specifically designed for use outdoors. These systems are designed to withstand the elements and will allow for easy access to the home. These outdoor stair chair lifts are a great alternative to the ramping system seen in so many homes that primarily use them for wheel chair bound people. One problem with the ramping system is that the person must either have the strength to propel the wheel chair up the ramp or have the wheel chair motorized. An outdoor chair lift allows for more freedom and isn’t unsightly like the wheel chair ramp.

The choice to purchase a stair chair lift is a personal one indeed. Is the cost of the system worth it to allow you to stay in your current home? Do you have the capacity to move to a single story home? Do you need one temporarily?

We were faced with a decision to make when my Grandmother was beginning to lose mobility. She had always had mobility issues because she was stricken with polio as a youngster. As she aged, walking was becoming more and more difficult. She lived in Brooklyn, New York in an old Brownstone on 86th street. Directly next store to her home was a church that she attended everyday and was an integral part of her life. For her there was no option. She wanted to stay in her home that she lived in for fifty years and continue to live out her life independently. For her a nursing home was not an option. We made the decision to install a stair chair lift for her and let her live out the remaining years of her life in the home she loved so dearly.

The costs of stair chair lifts can run anywhere from $4,000 upwards to $10,000 and more. The cost of seeing someone you love be able to remain independent is priceless. There is no better medicine than the comfort of your home and being around the people that love you. If you are having trouble making the decision whether to buy a stair chair for someone you love and care about then just remember the story about my grandmother and how happy she was to be able to stay in her own home till she passed away.