Stair Chair Lift: Factors to Consider in Buying the Right One

So you’re ready to buy your first stair chair lift. As you might already know there are many makes, models and styles. It’s enough choices to make your head spin. But, there are also individual factors to take into consideration when buying a stair chair lift. Unfortunatlely some of these considerations are overlooked by people. Here’s what to consider when buying your stair chair lift:

· Would the user of the stair chair lift rather stand or be seated as they go up and down the stairs? For people wishing to stand as they go up and down the stairwell, a perching stair lift is right for them. If they prefer to stay seated, a seated stair lift is ideal. Now if the user of the stair lift is seated in a wheelchair, then something called a wheelchair platform is what they need.

· Size is an important consideration in what type of stair lift you will buy. Obviously a stair lift fitting an adult wouldn’t be safe for a disabled child. So the seat of the stair lift you buy must fit the user right.

· If the user of the stair lift has a stiff knee, he or she will probably needs what’s called a stair chair lift that faces forward instead of sideways like most stair chair lifts are designed. Usually a wider stair chair will be more appropriate for a person with a problem knee.

· If the user of the stair chair has a problem with heights, in addition to the chair’s seatbelt, additionally guardrails might be needed to assuage the user’s anxiety.

· There are different types of controls for stair chairs. That’s important to note, because some people because of their age or condition may not be able to work the controls of a particular chair properly. So make sure you have the stair chair lift user test out the controls and get used to them before you leave them on their own.

· In cases where the user of the stair chair lift is blind or suffers poor eyesight, an appropriate chair is required. One that sounds off with an audio signal to alert the user he or she has reached the top landing or the bottom of the stairwell.

An Introduction to Straight and Curved Stair Chair Lifts

As the stair lift has become an inevitable part of modern buildings and residences an introduction to straight and curved stair chair lifts is essential. A chair lift is a mechanical gadget with a chair, designed for straight or curved stairways. Stair lifts have become one of the most supportive innovations of modern science as they provide old and physically challenged individuals with practical mobility solutions. Most stair lifts are equipped with various advanced features such as folding armrests, adjustable seats, covered tracks and power backup facility.

Offering the physically challenged maximum mobility

The foremost advantage of a stair lift is that it enables easy floor-to-floor mobility ensuring the old and physically challenged individuals can freely move about in their homes without taking the risk of using the staircase. Stair lifts are incorporated with various advanced technical systems such as automatic sensors, emergency brakes, remote control, seat belts, speed governor, rack and pinion drives and wraparound arms ensuring the safety and comfort of riders. Besides helping people with floor-to-floor mobility stair chair lifts could also enhance the value of residences.

Reliability and flexibility assured

Whether your stairway is straight or curved, the new stair lift can be easily installed. The chair can be folded up when not used, resulting in effective space management. Stair lifts are therefore quite a practical solution and applicable for, chiefly residential, but also commercial purposes.

Curved stair chair lifts are custom-made and therefore more expensive than straight stair lifts. Leading manufactures like ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord provide various affordable and reliable models of stair chair lifts for comfortable indoor and outdoor transportation. Cosmetic variations in seat fabric and color of seat upholstery are also offered together with excellent installation and maintenance services.

This account, an introduction to straight and curved stair chair lifts, will help you in selecting the right stair chair lift for your home taking into consideration your budget and requirements.

You Don’t Need to Sell Your Home to Avoid Climbing Stairs – CHAIR LIFT Solutions Make Sense Today

Are you or a loved one having trouble climbing stairs in your home? A stairlift might be the best way to provide the assistance you need for yourself, handicapped or elderly loved ones – to get up and down your stairs. Chair lifts today are convenient home stair lift systems that provide safe and easy ways to give anyone a lift – and provide elderly help with stairs.

Not long ago you may have simply put your home on the market and planned to move into a smaller single-level home without stairs. Chair lifts for stairs, or stair lifts were rarely considered good options. They were expensive, hard to install, and cumbersome.

With our current poor economy and depressed housing market, the option to move may not be feasible any longer. There are so many reasons to avoid selling your home now besides the effort and time to it can take to get your home market-ready quickly.

Instead you can have a home stair lift system installed in just a few weeks without any hassle on your part. Having reliable aid with a stair chair lift installed can save you the time, money, and hassle of moving to a home without stairs.

Stair lift manufacturers have modernized and automated the production of state-of-the-art home stair lift systems. The new motorized stair chair lifts can fit any staircase, indoors or out, without remodeling or pulling up carpeting.

New stair lift designs are available for stair chair lifts and perch stair lifts to carry you or your loved ones up and down your stairs safely, indoors or out. Narrow and curved staircases can be fitted too. The sturdy designs look great with any décor.

Newly designed remote controls make stair chair lifts easy-to-use. Most people now want a battery powered model stair lift instead of an electric stair lift to avoid power cords and connection issues around the stairs for everyone’s safety. Seat belts on the stairlift are available for added safety.

The perch stair lift design is recommended when sitting is harder than standing while going up and down stairs. Chair lifts fold up so even narrow staircases can be fitted with a sturdy stair lift.

Special outdoor models are available which are designed to withstand Mother Nature so you can also install them on outdoor stairs.

Enjoy Your Home Longer with the Help of a Home Stair Lift System

While it might be a problem selling your home and moving to avoid climbing stairs, it’s not a problem finding an easy way to get a lift up your stairs. Chair lift support might be the best answer for you and your family’s concerns about climbing stairs.

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A Stair Chair Lift For Grandma

Obviously if you are reading this you have a pretty good idea what a stair chair lift is. So for the sake of brevity I will give you a brief description. A stair chair is an electronically or battery operated mechanical lift system that is attached to a set of steps. It provides access to an upper level of a home using a track system that is attached to the outside walls of the steps or to the steps themselves. A chair specifically designed to fit in the track will glide up the track and allow anyone with limited mobility the freedom to access each level of the home.

There are also stair chair systems that are specifically designed for use outdoors. These systems are designed to withstand the elements and will allow for easy access to the home. These outdoor stair chair lifts are a great alternative to the ramping system seen in so many homes that primarily use them for wheel chair bound people. One problem with the ramping system is that the person must either have the strength to propel the wheel chair up the ramp or have the wheel chair motorized. An outdoor chair lift allows for more freedom and isn’t unsightly like the wheel chair ramp.

The choice to purchase a stair chair lift is a personal one indeed. Is the cost of the system worth it to allow you to stay in your current home? Do you have the capacity to move to a single story home? Do you need one temporarily?

We were faced with a decision to make when my Grandmother was beginning to lose mobility. She had always had mobility issues because she was stricken with polio as a youngster. As she aged, walking was becoming more and more difficult. She lived in Brooklyn, New York in an old Brownstone on 86th street. Directly next store to her home was a church that she attended everyday and was an integral part of her life. For her there was no option. She wanted to stay in her home that she lived in for fifty years and continue to live out her life independently. For her a nursing home was not an option. We made the decision to install a stair chair lift for her and let her live out the remaining years of her life in the home she loved so dearly.

The costs of stair chair lifts can run anywhere from $4,000 upwards to $10,000 and more. The cost of seeing someone you love be able to remain independent is priceless. There is no better medicine than the comfort of your home and being around the people that love you. If you are having trouble making the decision whether to buy a stair chair for someone you love and care about then just remember the story about my grandmother and how happy she was to be able to stay in her own home till she passed away.