What’s an Outdoor Stair Chair Lift?

So, what happens when you can’t access a building because you can’t use the stairs. Stair chair lifts are not only for indoor use, but they are great for outdoor use as well. An outdoor stair chair lift is meant to give people who struggle with stairs an easy and safe and reliable access to different levels of a building from the exterior of the building. This of course provides freedom for anyone struggling with steps.

What happens is that the stair lift will travel along the track on the stairway.

These outdoor stair chair lifts are used in both residential and commercial settings. And they can be fit to either straight or curved, steep or shallow staircases, no matter the length or height of the stairway.

And they will make a useful and helpful addition to a building for those struggling with mobility issues. The stair chair lift tracks can be located on the left hand or right hand side of the stairs.

When they’re designed for outdoor staircases, the stair lifts will consist of a powered carriage or a manual folding hinge track and a bridge to carry the user. Your chair stair lift may be wired into the electrical power of the building or they can even be battery operated. The rechargeable batteries are a nice option as the stair chair lift will still be able to work even if the power goes out. Outdoor stair lifts will generally include hinged armrests so that you can easily get in and out of the chair lift as well as a comfortable footrest. Often times you’ll be able to adjust the seat height to ensure comfort for people of varying heights.

You’ll want to find a trusted and reliable manufacturer from which to buy your outdoor stairlift, and find an experienced installer as a professionally designed and installed stairlift will be one of the most important quality-of-life purchases you’ll ever make. You’ll find numerous brands and models to choose from.

Definitely compare all that you are considering to decide the best one, not only in terms of price, but features and benefits, advantages and disadvantages for your particular needs.

Are You Struggling With Stairs? Don’t Move Out – A Stair Chair Lift May Be Your Answer

Do you have a family member (or even yourself) that really struggle with the stairs in their home, and now they’ve resorted to considering actually moving out of their beloved home, so they’ll have easier access in a new place? That doesn’t have to happen. A stair chair lift is probably the best way to access the parts of your home that are difficult to get to because of the stairs.

Gone are the days when you had to ignore entire floors of your home, or even consider moving into a single level home. Today we have stair chair lifts as a convenient alternative that lets you stay in the home you’ve loved and do so safely.

In the past, you would have been resigned to selling your home and moving into a different place, or just living with the fact that you can no longer access your basement or second floor. But not anymore. Used to be that stair lifts were not even considered. Because they required tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and major remodeling and they took up too much space.

With the recession and the way the economy and the housing markets have been hit recently, selling your current home to buy a one story place with no stairs may not be a good option for you. Even if you can get your house sold, it will takes months and a whole lot of planning and preparation to get your house updated and improved to make it attractive to a very finicky market that currently has lots of choices to choose from.

Rather than spend your time and energy pursuing a less than ideal option, you can get a home stair lift ordered and installed much more quickly, and it won’t require hiring a real estate agent or having strangers traipsing through your home at inconvenient times, looking through your kitchen drawers and bedroom closets and studying the stuff in your medicine cabinets

Your stair chair lift can save you not only money and time, but you don’t have to deal with the hassle of re-locating to a house with no stairs…and best of all, you don’t have to give up your beloved home with all of its cherished memories.

You should know that home stair lifts are modern and easy to use. The new chair lifts are motorized, can be fitted for any staircase whether it’s outdoors or inside, and you don’t have to remodel or pull up carpet and they’re sturdy and durable. The current stair lift designs allow you to sit or perch, and they’ll carry you or your family member up (and down) the stairs safely and easily. Even if you have a narrow or curved staircase, they can fit a stair chair lift for you. And you can even order heavy duty versions as well.

Many motorized stair lifts have remote controls to make them super simple to operate. You can have battery powered or electric. A lot of people prefer the battery operated so they can avoid dealing with the electrical connection issues and power lines, etc. They even have seat belts available to keep your loved one safely in their seat as the stair chair lift carries them up the steps.

If you’re wondering…the perch stair lift is for those who have a harder time sitting than standing. It allows them to perch instead of sit as the lift scales the stairs.

Stair chair lifts can be fitted to pretty much any staircase: narrow, steep, indoors, outdoors, curved, etc. And when they’re not in use, you can fold up the seat so that it takes up a lot less space on the staircase, so even narrow staircases are not a problem.

The outdoor stair chair lifts are of course designed to weather the elements, regardless of your climate.

Obviously you want to avoid packing up and moving if you don’t have to just to avoid the staircase. But you don’t have to with a stair chair lift installed.

It’s definitely worth looking into it to see if a stair chair lift is right for you and your family. They’re designed to be safe and easy to use. If you can find a stair chair lift seller that has discounts or shipping specials, that may be the way to go.

Fighting Against Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a growing menace in the society. Anyone can be a victim of it, disregarding age, gender and ethnicity. Substance abuse can be broadly defined as the situation in which the use of a substance causes a detrimental effect on the physical and mental condition of an individual. Further, substance abuse can also have devastating effect on the financial, social and even legal standing in the society of a person.

The ‘substance’ in substance abuse can be almost anything. It can be either legal or illegal. Even the non prescribed use of prescriptive medicines has and can be termed as substance abuse. In cases of substance abuse, injections, inhaling and oral usage of the substance is common. However, sniffing and smoking of the said substance is also seen in some cases.

Maybe the most common way of substance abuse is the non prescribed use of prescribed medicines. Simply put, an overdose of sleeping pills prescribed by a doctor is substance abuse. Alternately, taking any substance into the body in any other way than as prescribed by the doctor is substance abuse.

Other than prescribed medicines, alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating substances have been abused commonly. Drug dependency, drug addiction, and drug addiction are examples and also results of substance abuse.

Some of the most common substances people are dependent on are alcohol and nicotine. Alcoholics Anonymous is perhaps the most famous alcohol de-addiction support group. Alcoholics Anonymous is an informal de-addiction center for smokers who wish to quit smoking. The groups are locally found and their numbers may vary depending on the area and the regions. Alcoholics Anonymous has a program that it popularly calls as the ‘twelve step’ program, which has been known to be very effective and actually instrumental in helping alcoholics combat their alcoholism.

The reasons behind substance abuse are many. Some people may take to substance abuse simply because of peer pressure, while others may take to substance abuse to combat stress. There have been some cases where individuals have taken a liking to a taste of a certain medicine, and continued using them even they were no longer needed to be used.

The results of the consequent substance abuse are too serious to be neglected. Substance abuse seriously hampers the social life of a person. Substance abuse also comes between the family and work obligations of a person. Depending on the depth and type of substance abuse, it can also hamper the financial standing of an individual.

Substance abuse rehabilitation is therefore important for a person who is dependent on any controlled substance. It can eliminate the addiction of the person and lead him or her to a more enriched life.

Helping Prisoners With Their Substance Abuse Problems

People argue about crime and punishment. The justice system is ever evolving and forever being discussed. One issue regards the treatment of prisoners in our jails. Should they be helped? Is prison there to punish or to rehabilitate or both? These issues are particularly important when we consider drugs.

Substance abuse is a major factor in the cause of crime and substance abuse for prisoners when in jail is also a dangerous and ongoing problem while they are incarcerated. There is no doubt the federal government wants to reduce crime and to that end provides millions of dollars each year to fund programs in jails. The money filters down through state and local authorities but it does come with certain strings attached. There is no program where money is thrown at the problem in some wild hope the program will work.

There are many conditions under which funds are granted for substance abuse programs.

– The program must run for at least 6 months
– The venue for the sessions must be isolated from the rest of the prison
– A total or whole life approach must be pinpointed and
– Specific substance abuse must be the target of the program

When you think that some US$10million was spent on drug rehabilitation programs for prisoners in American jails in 2008 you can see that this is a major offensive with the clear goal of helping prisoners become drug free once they leave prison. From a money point of view, sending a prisoner back into society with few if any living skills is a waste of money. The prisoner will likely go back to crime and end up where they started. It makes sound economical sense to help prisoners stay out of jail.

Of course from a humane point of view, helping people with a drug problem is always the best option for the individual and for society.

So do the programs work? Well any test needs to [a] cater for a large number of prisoners who have undertaken the program and [b] to be held over many years. To date the jury is still out on the effectiveness of such programs.

The content of the programs for prisoners is pretty much the same used for people with a drug problem who are not in jail. There are two aspects of all programs. They want to help the addict kick their habit and they want to impart skills to help the addict remain drug free in the future. Both are essential.

In jail, the prisoner has to overcome the need for substance abuse and then remain drug free, hopefully for life.

Naturally there are people who speak out against the programs. They argue that prisons are there as a place of punishment. That is true of course but sending a prisoner back into society for him or her to take up their life of crime again benefits nobody. Common sense suggests that removing prisoners from their substance abuse habit can only help both the individual and society.