Important Things You Need to Consider When Purchasing Stair Chair Lifts

A stair chair lift is invaluable to those that struggle to get from one floor to another, such as many of the elderly and handicapped members of our society. Purchasing a stair chair lift can allow such individuals to have a freedom of movement that would otherwise be denied to them. If you are considering purchasing one of these important devices for your home, there are some things to consider regarding the installation of a lift of this sort for your stairs.

First, weight is definitely an important consideration. You need to know the weight of the person that the lift will support. This will allow for an easier choice for you to install in your home for helping someone that needs the lift. You also need to know your staircase type in order to choose the right stair chair lift for you. The right chair for you will depend on the curve or straightness of your staircase. The straight stair lifts are the easiest to install and are cheaper than the curved varieties. A curved lift will generally have to be built to specification of the staircase in question.

Safety is another important concern when it comes to installing a chair lift in your home. Stairwells must be clear of obstructions, and using the safety features can also go a long way to provide for the safety of the person using the lift. You also need to consider the power source of the chair. For electric stair chairs, the power source is usually a 220 volt or a 20 amp outlet. The lift needs a grounded outlet and an electrician may need to be called to install one before installation begins on the lift itself. You may also need a fuse box or disconnection switch near the stairs. Another option is a battery powered chair lift. Battery operated stair lifts have the advantage of being usable in the situation of a power outage. The batteries are rechargeable, you should replace them at least once every year.

Cost is another important consideration, as many stair chairs will cost in excess of $5000 to purchase and install properly. Unfortunately, medicare will not pay for chair lifts, but a few private insurers do. When you are looking at cost, you may be tempted to decide to buy a used stair chair lift for your home. However, you have to be careful with buying a used stair chair and be sure to make sure it is suitable for your stairs and comes with a good warranty in case something turns out to be wrong with it.

Drive types are another important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for a stair chair. There are two main different drives that power most common stair lifts for chairs: cable drive and rack and pinion drives. Cable uses a cable to steer and drive the lift while the rack and pinion uses gears and teeth to begin the ascent and descent of the lift.

You should also pay careful attention to the control system used by the stair chair. These are generally either placed on the stairway itself or via a wireless remote. Finally, make sure that you are clear on what the costs are to actually install the stair chair in your home, since the installation costs can sometimes exceed the purchase cost for a few stair lift models.