Stair Chair Features You Should Not Be Without

If you are looking for for a handicap stair lift, you will find there are a wide range of stair chair models available as well as a wide range of prices to pay. There are many different features available on most contemporary chair lift for stairs, but which are the best for most users? What should you pay for these different features and are they worth the cost?

These are all common questions asked by purchasers of chair lifts for stairs. Although it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest handicap stair lift you can find, this may not be the best decision depending on the specific mobility problems of the user and the ease and comfort they would appreciate in a chair lifts for stairs. Here are some features you should certainly consider, and sometimes pay extra for, when you select your handicap stair lift.

To start, make sure it has quality construction, design and technology. Choose a handicap stair lift model that has an excellent drive installed (rack and pinion is probably the best choice). You will need to also decide as to whether you need AC or DC power for your stair chair. Electrical outages can strand seniors and the handicapped in their homes, and for this reason you should seriously consider purchasing a stair chair with at least a backup DC rechargeable battery system. Battery systems are also usually easier and cheaper to install in most homes, since you will not need to pay an electrician to wire the AC electrical system into place (and there will be no risk of electric shock either while using the stair chair either, an added safety benefit).

Some features such as being able to move the arms of the stair chair up to allow easy entry into the chair will be greatly appreciated by most users. Also, having stair chairs that can fold flat against the wall when not in use, will be appreciated by those who do not need to use the chair when climbing the stairs. For safety reasons, you should also be sure that the chair lift for stairs model you purchase has seat belts installed. Also, make sure the stair chair will accommodate the weight load of the person using it. This varies considerably by model, so make sure you check the manufacturers specifications before purchase. Finally, having both wired in and remote controls to operate the handicap stair lift will eliminate many hassles and make the chair lift for stairs much easier to use.

Finding a handicap stair lift with these features that will make its use easiest for the user and they will greatly improve both the functionality and enjoyment of the chair lift for stairs. By doing careful comparison shopping you should be able to find a handicap stair lift that is both suitable and affordable.