What’s an Outdoor Stair Chair Lift?

So, what happens when you can’t access a building because you can’t use the stairs. Stair chair lifts are not only for indoor use, but they are great for outdoor use as well. An outdoor stair chair lift is meant to give people who struggle with stairs an easy and safe and reliable access to different levels of a building from the exterior of the building. This of course provides freedom for anyone struggling with steps.

What happens is that the stair lift will travel along the track on the stairway.

These outdoor stair chair lifts are used in both residential and commercial settings. And they can be fit to either straight or curved, steep or shallow staircases, no matter the length or height of the stairway.

And they will make a useful and helpful addition to a building for those struggling with mobility issues. The stair chair lift tracks can be located on the left hand or right hand side of the stairs.

When they’re designed for outdoor staircases, the stair lifts will consist of a powered carriage or a manual folding hinge track and a bridge to carry the user. Your chair stair lift may be wired into the electrical power of the building or they can even be battery operated. The rechargeable batteries are a nice option as the stair chair lift will still be able to work even if the power goes out. Outdoor stair lifts will generally include hinged armrests so that you can easily get in and out of the chair lift as well as a comfortable footrest. Often times you’ll be able to adjust the seat height to ensure comfort for people of varying heights.

You’ll want to find a trusted and reliable manufacturer from which to buy your outdoor stairlift, and find an experienced installer as a professionally designed and installed stairlift will be one of the most important quality-of-life purchases you’ll ever make. You’ll find numerous brands and models to choose from.

Definitely compare all that you are considering to decide the best one, not only in terms of price, but features and benefits, advantages and disadvantages for your particular needs.